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Container Loading Supervision

We suggests you use our Container Loading Supervision (CLS) service. Sometimes we also call it as "container loading check". It happens in the manufacturer's warehouse or the forwarder's premises.

Not only the loading of the correct products and its quantity are supervised during the supervision but also the correct packaging and the quality of the goods are inspected. A report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours and made available on the internet, from any computer, for exclusive use.

Our qualified engineers will personally go to the factory to represent your company's interests by:

  • Recording loading conditions (weather, arrival time of containers, container number, truck number etc…)
  • Inspecting packaging (inside and out) for physical damage and peculiar smells
  • Inspecting the quantity of goods loaded
  • Performing a random quality "spot-check" to the goods
  • Supervising the whole loading process
  • Recording the seal number of containers

Your benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of wrong quantity, wrong products, or damaged merchandise shipped
  • Improve your sourcing efficiency
  • No need for you to be on-the-spot. Save your money, save your time!