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The table below indicates AsiaInspection  standard, all-inclusive prices for quality control and audit services in China.

All below quotation is based on payment via , which is the faster and cheaper payment way for small amount transaction.

Category Price per man-day(US$/man-day) Remark
In-Production Inspection (IPI) RMB1500.00  
Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI) RMB1500.00  
Container Loading Supervision RMB1500.00  
Factory Audit(FA) RMB1500.00  
Social Accountability Audit RMB1500.00  
Laboratory Testing Please contact us for specific prices  

All-inclusive price includes:

Services fee
Traveling cost
Accommodation fee

Payment Terms

Full pay at least 3 days before the inspection date

Accept the payment by 

Accept the payment by Telegraphic Transfer(T/T): All banking charges outside China are for your account. Please mention this to your bank when you arrange the payment. Bank information will be indicated in AsiaInspection invoice.