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Service tenet:customer first, standardized management, the pursuit of excellence

  We have the spirit of "customer first, standardized management, the pursuit of excellence" principle of service, to provide "timely, professional and sincere" service, for customers to create more value.

  Customer First:to establish a customer-centric style of work, customer satisfaction as the yardstick to measure all the work. Establish a sound service network to provide customers with specialized, standardized and diversified services;

  Standardized management:the scientific method, the internal project team to identify and determine various processes associated with the service, data and facts as a basis for decision-making, the use of systems management methods, to develop clear, reasonable and feasible management practices, the propulsion system successfully implementation;

  Excellence:By all levels, at all stages of the regular inspection and concluded, to discover the lack of work and to improve and achieve continuous improvement, and constantly improve the quality of service. To provide customers with sustainable, efficient, fast service, build quality brand.

  Service Core:with the user to maintain a more intimate relationship.

  For businesses, customer service is good or not in the process of shaping the brand value plays an important role. We remember: "Never forget that you and your company is doing, this is a meet customer needs, providing services to customers in the industry."