Welcome to Asia sea inspection Service Co.,Ltd!
Asia Sea inspection Co., LTD, is a set of product testing, factory audit, corporate quality consultant as one of the service company, referred to as: ASI Asia Sea inspection.
We are designed for multinational buyers, export trading companies, domestic enterprises to provide product quality inspection, factory audit, quality management consultants and other services.
 We do not manufacture any product. We are only responsible for checking the products. We are your eyes in the factory. We provide security and technical support. What really help you improve your product market share and reduce inspection costs! We play the role of escor that actively help you can have more quality products sold to the world.
 We are not only good at communicating with the guests to improve the level of service. We are good at with the supplier before the product manufacturing products to confirm the initial inspection, the production process of review feedback, pre-shipment inspection and inspection, as well as loading and unloading leakage monitoring and a series of problems, we have a complete set Management system and quality control measures and skills.
We let the guests in a timely manner to understand the operation of the factory, the quality of abnormal information, shipping and product handling and other guests must know the important content:
 A) product testing is divided into: early sample / package material inspection, mid-term inspection, the whole follow-up inspection, shipping inspection, full inspection.
The main test: all kinds of textile and garment (men's women's suits casual wear cotton underwear children's clothing); all kinds of shoes; home textiles; toys; ceramics; resin; iron; luggage; groceries; crafts; furniture (Such as furniture, indoor and outdoor, office and civilian, high light and other furniture); various tools (electric, manual) garden tools and supplies; baby supplies; stationery / gifts. Provide inspection (first, medium, tail), audits and custody services.
B) supervise the supervision cabinet. Including but not limited to the food industry, chemical dangerous goods, glass fragile goods, wood flammable and other international requirements of the higher monitoring equipment, unloading and unloading areas.
 C) factory audit main
1. Social Responsibility Audit (SA 8000),
2. International quality audit Factory evaluation (ISO 9001),
3. Anti-Terrorism Review Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPA)
4. General review.
We provide guests with objective, impartial and scientific supplier of field inspection audit assessment report and comments. Service area: China and surrounding areas. Our people are not only professional, responsible but also dedicated!
General Manager's Message:
Hello customers! I am glad to have the opportunity to serve you. Here is the Asia Sea inspection Co., LTD, we can go to any Chinese cities, including Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan for inspection, inspection, container monitoring work. Please have the customer at any time to contact us. Most of our company's inspectors have more than a decade of rich experience in the all-round inspection staff. Our services are: integrity-based, customer first!
 Asia Sea inspection Co., LTD has been focusing on quality for 15 years. We have the production plant quality control, foreign trade company with the single, quality control and inspection, third-party company product quality inspection work experience. At present in all parts of the country can provide inspection shop inspection cabinet service. We have more inspectors in Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Hunan Province, Shandong Province, Henan Province, Beijing and other places in the local resident.
Our inspectors have the following equipment: notebook computers, cameras, Pantone color cards, grams of weight, hygrometer, electronic calipers, bar code scanners, tape, 3M test tape, special sealing stickers, sealing tape, rework stickers, Tool kits and other commonly used tools. To undertake business: clothing, shoes, toys, ceramics, ceramics, iron, luggage, groceries, handicrafts, furniture (tables and chairs cabinet and other plate, leisure furniture, indoor and outdoor, office and civilian, high light and other furniture), all kinds of tools (Electric, manual), inspection (first, medium, tail), audits, supervision cabinet services.
We can test the general supermarket consumer products and in the inspection day issued a detailed English report. Our English report format has our own company's template. We can also follow the reporting format of several major notary or specify the template format. Not good at: military products, aerospace products, pharmaceutical products (general civilian goods can be tested).
Our inspectors work rigorous, honest and trustworthy. We look forward to working with each customer to establish long-term relationship.
Contact: Mr. Yuan / Frank Yuan, Tel: 13640934726, QQ: 727203880, Email: 727203880 @ qq.com, Skype: Frank_Yuan168